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The Hamsa Hand Jewelry and Home decor store by Zikwebstores collaborate specialty stores creating unique shopping experience. We're located in New York and ship world wide. Click to learn more About Us is a unique specialty store dedicated to Hamsa items only! Hamsa, also known as Khamsa  (literally 5), is one of the oldest and well known amulet protecting form evil eye and negative energy, never the less it a beautiful symbol that can be design and carried in many way’s .

You can find the Hamsa Hand as Pendant's and Necklaces, as charm on a New Born stroller, as a home blessing  platform and many more way’s.

Here, at we have a mission, to gather all of those unique, beautiful and meaningful Hamsa items, so our Hamsa seeking costumers can browse and choose there Hamsa that fit’s you the most.

Whether we are superstitious or not, we all want to avoid evil eye, sent it away and feel more protected, especially when it concern our love ones! That way a Hamsa, in it may forms, can be a perfect gift combining spirituality and art.

Beside of being an evil eye protecting amulet the Hamsa symbol have become an inspiration to many artist and designer and have become  common item for art collectors all over the world. At we present items like the hand painted large glass Hamsa by an Israeli Artist, we carry Kabbala Hamsa necklace , unique item that combines Kabbala motifs as well. Great recommended way to have a Hamsa around is this product Baby Hamsa amulet  you can carry it on your cell phone as an ornament, how cool is that???  What about Hamsa Red string bracelet? With the red sting –even Madona wear one…. Remember that Hamsa can be carried in much way’s you just have to find the one that you like the best!

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